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CIO Academy Asia further expands its knowledge exchange platforms, with a brand new identity – SPARK by CIO Academy Asia!

Ever since the community was established in 2015, CIO Academy Asia has brought together more than 10,000 technology leaders representing both government sectors and private industries from across Southeast Asia. The brand has grown to become a trusted name among tech practitioners and experts alike, driven by our unique approach to work closely with leading practitioners in developing deep insights around digital leadership, business and technology management, as well as in capability building.

Leading tech companies from Asia and beyond, including US, UK, Europe, China and Israel have counted on CIO Academy Asia as a proven partner to facilitate strong partnerships with organisations in Asia.

SPARK by CIO Academy Asia offers a brand new series of knowledge exchange programmes, with a greater focus on developing organisational competencies and building digital skills beyond traditional tech roles. SPARK will deepen its engagements with organisations through cross-functional executive education and executive coaching programmes.

Through our thought leadership platforms, both tech experts and practitioners alike will be more empowered than ever to exchange knowledge insights across all aspects of digital innovation, business management and leadership. SPARK will harness the collective knowledge base of practitioners  to build industry specific global use cases, battle tested orchestration frameworks and future-ready tech architectures that will help both business and technology leaders collaborate effectively to accelerate their digital transformation journeys.

Develop your digital future with SPARK and lead with confidence through the power of SPARK’s knowledge exchange community for digital leadership!


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SPARK brings together a community of technology and business leaders from across Asia.