INSPIRE Tech Awards 2021 – Frequently Asked Questions


 What is the INSPIRE Tech Awards 2021 all about?

The INSPIRE Tech Awards 2021 recognises end-user organisations who have emerged stronger by deploying technology to overcome challenges posed by the shifting business landscape. This inaugural INSPIRE 2021 Tech Awards is organised by CIO Academy Asia

All deployments and IT activities described in the nomination forms must have occurred in the last 12-18 months.

What will be the overall criteria for the judging?

Submissions will be selected based on the following criteria

  • Business impact in terms of competitiveness, market expansion or other factors
  • Productivity gains
  • Customer experience improvement
  • Innovativeness and creativity
  • Transformation
  • Resilience

Will the criteria for Cybersecurity-related awards be different?

Yes, the criteria for the Cybersecurity-related awards are as follows:

  • how the tech project improves resilience, data protection and identity and access management; reduces vulnerabilities; and adds greater automation to security operations
  • How did the project strengthen compliance and governance?
  • How did the technology enhance incident response?

Who can nominate?

Organisations are allowed to self-nominate or be nominated by others.

All end user organisations from both the public and private sectors are eligible for nominations.

How many categories can one organization be allowed to participate in?

There are altogether 21 awards in different categories. Each organization is eligible to participate for a maximum of 2 different awards.

A different nomination form must be filled for each submission 

Where do I submit my nominations?

All queries and nomination submissions must be sent to

When is the current dateline for nominations to be submitted? Will it be extended?

Nominations will close on 12th August 2021.

Extension of the current closing date will only be decided a few days before the 12th Aug 2021.

Is there any guidelines to help in the preparation of the nominations?

Yes, a proper guide for the nomination can be found at

When will be the announcement of the award winners?

Award winners will be announced in-conjunction with the 6th edition of the ConnectGov Leaders’ hybrid Summit on 28th October 2021.

Which are the 5 countries from South East Asia can participate?

The award is open to all end user organisations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand

Will the information I provide for the nomination be held in strict confidence?

All submissions are kept confidential only to CIO Academy Asia and our judging panel,. There will not be any public release of any nominations. We will seek permission from the nominee for all PR features before quoting or including any part of information details.





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