How CIOs can enable Voluntary Welfare organisations with robust IT capabilities

In the last 6 months, the team had met with a variety of voluntary welfare organisations. From non-government agencies like Beyond Social Services (BSS), Mercy Relief and St. Andrew’s School of Autism; to government supported agencies like SGEnabled. These organisations serve an array of individuals with special needs.

While donors and volunteers expect to have their money and efforts expensed directly on the end-beneficiaries, many forget about the labour of love that executives within intermediary organisations are putting out every day to take special care for the special ones of society.

With limited resources, a comprehensive IT system that helps these organisations manage beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, partners and internal resources like staff and business processes is many a times beyond the budget for welfare intermediaries.

CIO Care aims to be the platform for CIOs and solutions experts to provide pro-bono advisory and systems implementations for these organisations so that they are better able to serve the needs of their beneficiaries.