Download Your White Paper – Doing More With Less: Accelerating Business Transformation With Intelligent, Hyperautomation

Today’s enterprises have shifted the pace of digital transformation into overdrive – as the survival of many is under threat. Technology leaders have accelerated the adoption of multiple technologies including Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to address today’s disruption and to provide the necessary agility for an unpredictable future.

This paper uses inputs from discussions with technology decision makers across ASEAN. It highlights some of the key challenges faced by enterprises in ASEAN as they seek to gain a competitive advantage in the ‘new normal’ with a blend of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It will focus on:

  • Challenges faced by technology leaders and some immediate candidate processes for automation
  • The role of RPA in addressing business challenges
  • Attitudes towards RPA in ASEAN
  • Combining RPA and AI for hyperautomation, to address more complex challenges and processes
  • The role of humans in hyperautomation
  • The benefits of hyperautomation
  • The journey to hyperautomation
  • Accelerating business transformation with hyperautomation

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