Business Agility – a buzzword among business and tech leaders today, has become a top priority as industries undergo frequent digital disruption. As the uneven pace of digital disruption across industries impact organisations differently, tech leaders have to assess the competitive landscape, prioritise their business outcomes and establish the right starting point from which they may leverage the digital ecosystem to develop quick wins in driving organisational agility.

To successfully build an organisation that is truly agile, leaders must redesign their organisations to establish a strong backbone that fosters collaboration and empowers internal and external stakeholders to create value for themselves as their organisations progress along the transformation journey.

How can tech leaders meet the new demands of business stakeholder, to innovate, scale and commercialise new digital solutions that embraces the new digital paradigms – pervasive, on-demand data-sharing and purpose built digital services accessible anytime and anywhere, while battling new organisational challenges such as an increasingly mobile-centric and ’gig’ oriented workforce, shorter product development cycles and escalating cyber-risks?

This half-day programme will bring together tech leaders from different industries to exchange perspectives on building a modern technology toolkit to support an agile organisation, driven by small, collaborative cross-functional teams:

People: Building an agile workforce

  • How should organisations be designed and equipped to facilitate collaboration across a network of small, cross-functional teams, where business and technology skillsets are integrated into outcome-driven autonomous teams?
  • How can technology simplify organisational processes to facilitate talent mobility within the organisation?
  • How can digital platforms allow organisations to partner and share information more seamlessly?

Process: Enhancing agility in product delivery & governance

  • How can collaborators be equipped to effectively share their work, communicate and contribute to iterative product development among team members with different domain expertise?
  • How should security and governance leaders establish boundaries and parameters for autonomous teams to operate such that the required security and governance standards are met as teams progress to develop new digital services and products

Technology: Making IT resources accessible to business and technology stakeholders

  • How can IT resource provisioning, such as compute and storage, be automated such that teams have easy access when required?
  • How can new technologies be integrated into legacy architecture


Eugene Yeo
Chief Operations Officer

Sunil Mundra
Principal Consultant-Advisory

Arvind Mathur
Chief Information & Digital Officer
Prudential Singapore

Joseph Wagle
WW Director Security & Industry Solutions Consulting
HP Inc.

SS Lim
Managing Director
PTC System (S) Pte Ltd.

Bisham Kishnani
Head Consulting Engineering (APAC),
Palo Alto Networks

Raju Chellam
Senior Advisor, CIO Academy Asia (Author, Columnist and Tech Evangelist)

Koh Kok Tian
Deputy CEO
CIO Academy Asia

P. Ramakrishna
CIO Academy Asia


12:00PM – 01:00PM Networking Lunch & Registration

01:00PM – 01:10PM Opening Remarks by CIO Academy Asia

01:10PM -01:30PM KEYNOTE 1 | Enterprise Agility – Being Agile in a Changing World
Sunil Mundra, Principal Consultant – Advisory, ThoughtWorks

Agility is a fundamental shift in thinking about how enterprises work to effectively deal with disruptive changes in the business environment. The core belief underlying agility is that enterprises are open and living systems. These living systems, also known as complex adaptive systems (CAS), are ideally suited to deal with change very effectively.

Agility is to enterprises what health is to humans. There are some foundational principles that can be broadly applied, but the definition of healthy is very specific to each individual.

Based on his best-selling book “Enterprise Agility”, Sunil Mundra will highlight some foundational practices to improve the overall health of the body culture, mindset, and leadership and the health of its various organs: people, process, governance, structure, technology, and customers.

01:30PM – 02:45PM WORKSHOP | Strategic Priorities to future-proof Your Agility Roadmap – Joseph Wagle, WW Director Security & Industry Solutions Consulting, HP Inc.

How can tech leaders “future-proof” their agility roadmap by transforming People, Technology and Process? This workshop will deep-dive into the following key areas:

– Developing Enterprise Scale
– ‘Gig’ Workforce
– Enhancing Collaboration
– Process Automation
– Secure Data Sharing

02:45PM – 03:05PM KEYNOTE 2 | Practitioner’s View: How Organisations can Develop Agility at Speed and Scale in a Secure Way
– Arvind Mathur, Chief Information & Digital Officer, Prudential Singapore

03:05PM – 03:15PM TEA BREAK

03:15PM – 04:30PM WORKSHOP | Protecting All Aspects Of Your Cloud Journey
– Bisham Kishnani, Head Consulting Engineering APAC, Palo Alto Networks

The ability to quickly build and deploy global-scale applications has led to the rapid adoption of public cloud infrastructure. Managing security at this scale hasn’t kept up. This is compounded by the accelerated development pace of DevOps teams who sometimes push new releases into production daily. So it’s no surprise security, compliance and audit teams find themselves overwhelmed with lack of visibility, context, and control despite the tool kits and capabilities offered by cloud service providers. In this workshop we will discuss effective automated and agile security, compliance management, how to operationalise security by design and much more.


Panellists :
– Eugene Yeo, Chief Operations Officer, MyRepublic
– Joseph Wagle, WW Director Security & Industry Solutions Consulting, HP Inc.
– Bisham Kishnani, Head Consulting Engineering APAC, Palo Alto Networks
– SS Lim, Managing Director, PTC Systems
Moderated by Koh Kok Tian, Deputy CEO, CIO Academy Asia

05:15PM – 05:30PM CLOSING REMARKS by CIO Academy Asia

05:30PM – 06:00PM Networking Cocktail




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