Programme descriptions

ConnectGov Leaders Summit 2021
ConnectGov Leaders Summit is an annual gathering of senior technology practitioners and leaders in government and the private sector from Asia. Combined with an experiential learning and cultural immersion at a specific country of interest, the 4-day programme delivers highly-interactive engagements on key current topics and leading-edge tech issues as well as memorable social activities.

South East Asia Cyber Trends Virtual Roundtable Discussions
Featuring guest practitioners sharing their views as cybersecurity leaders in end-organisations, with facilitated discussions with an exclusive group of technology leaders and tech expertise from tech companies.

Masterclass Series

The CIOAA Masterclass Series offers deep-dive workshops, customised advisory and practitioner interviews, led by a handpicked panel of technology practitioners on digital leadership and the hottest technology topics that are poised to have the most impact on the technology landscape in the next 2 to 3 years.

Discovery Workshops
CIOAA Discovery Workshops provide a small, interactive platform for tech leaders to discuss technology orchestration best practices in the modernisation of technology tools and orchestration of technology capability development roadmaps (e.g. Building tech stack for data analytics, AI and Automation, Cybersecurity & Risk Management Orchestration, Digital Product Development, etc.)