Digitalisation and unprecedented connectivity are redefining the competitive playing field for organisations today. Regardless of our natural inclinations, we are already experiencing glimpses of profound technological change to come, promising to enable capabilities that can exponentially empower businesses, industries, and governments with game-changing implications.

With Indonesia’s digital economy growth projected to lead its charge to become the world’s 4th biggest global economy by 2030, and with its promotion to grow a pool of 1,000 technoprenuers by end 2019, it is timely that CIO Academy Asia (CIOAA) will be hosting the G-Changers Forum in Jakarta on 27 August 2019.

At the Forum, CIOAA will present the key findings from the latest Tech Trends and Priorities Survey, which will offer insights into the latest trends that will have a big impact on businesses and tech leaders, as we determine the tech priorities and directions for the South-East-Asian region in the next 1-2 years.

The Forum will provide a platform for tech leaders (CIO, CTO, CISO, IT Director, VP IT and senior IT management) from the government, enterprises and technology companies to gather to weigh on game-changing innovations and technologies that are radically transforming government, business and societal landscapes.







Head of Department at ICT – Digital Services, West Java Provincial Government

Kristiono Setyadi
Chief Technology Officer, The Jakarta Post Digital

Faisal Yahya
Head of IT – Cybersecurity, IBS Insurance Broking Service)

Michael Henry
Head of Digital Transformation, Polaris Consulting

Alexander Danny Sufjan
Founder and CEO Logicnesia

Dino Bramanto
Corporate IT Director, Kalbe Farma

Bruce Hanadi
General Manager – IT, TNT Skypak International (FedEx Express)

Hansen Setiady
Head of IT, Asuransi Ciputra Indonesia

Wesley Harjono
Managing Director, GK Plug & Play Indonesia

Maish Nichani
Director, PebbleRoad

Andre Iswanto
Systems Engineering Manager, ASEAN
F5 Networks

Fetra Syahbana
Country Manager, Indonesia
F5 Networks

Yeo Siang Tiong
General Manager, South East Asia, Kaspersky Lab

P. Ramakrishna
Chief Executive Officer, CIO Academy Asia

Koh Kok Tian
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, CIO Academy Asia

Darryl Tan
Co-founder, KYCK

Todd Schweitzer
CEO and Founder, Brankas

Low Aik Lim
Director, International Relations, CIO Academy Asia


Insights into the latest trends which will have a big impact on businesses and tech leaders, based on the results of CIOAA’s study on tech priorities and directions for the SEA region in the next 1-2 years. This session also features CIOAA’s framework on the key digital competencies which drives digital transformation, i.e. Agility; Cyber-resilience; Innovation & Design; Data Analytics (ACID).
– P. Ramakrishna, CEO, CIO Academy Asia
The rules of the game have changed, and we live in a time of disrupt or be disrupted.  It has never been more important for organisations to be innovative, resilient and self disruptive.  However, how do we remain relevant and create a culture of innovation and more importantly embed it in to all levels of the organisation?
This session will unpack the key principles for creating a  culture of innovation in a case study style that will discuss:
1. The key steps to create an innovation culture
2. The role of leaders and managers in fostering innovation
3. How to embed an innovation and growth mindset
Michael Henry will share his experiences both professionally and from his studies at the University of Oxford.

Michael Henry, Head of Digital Transformation, Polaris Consulting
This session draws insights from industry leaders and practitioners on what they consider to be game-changing technology trends that will affect their businesses, and what they intend to do to continue their efforts in digital transformation at their respective organisations. They will also share their views on the new leadership competencies, best practices and digital strategies needed to leverage new technologies for competitive advantage.

– Faisal Yahya, Head of IT – Cybersecurity & Insurance Enterprise Architect, IBS Group
– Kristiono Setyadi, Chief Technology Officer, The Jakarta Post Digital
– Dino Bramanto, Corporate IT Director, Kalbe Farma
– Yeo Siang Tiong, General Manager, South East Asia, Kaspersky Lab

Moderated by P. Ramakrishna, CEO, CIO Academy Asia
Digital transformation is a slippery idea, especially for traditional organisations. Some leaders invest only in the technology to play catchup with their competitors while others try to speed things up by outsourcing their digital needs. Both strategies are not sustainable. In this presentation, I will share a framework that will inspire leaders to reinvent their organisations for the future with scale and sustainability at the core. The Digital Transformation Canvas framework exposes the duality of changes at the product-level and the organisational-level. It surfaces challenges that digital brings to the forefront, from teams and culture to technology and processes.
Maish Nichani, Director, PebbleRoad

How do you digitally transform a province that has close to 50 million people? Apart from using latest technology and design practices to craft world class digital services, they are building a partner ecosystem. An insight into what the West Java Province Digital Service Team has set out to do, Setiaji will share about their experience and strategy to deliver rapid changes to service delivery.

Setiaji, Head of Department at ICT – Digital Services, West Java Provincial Government
An overview of how game-changing disruptive technologies are reshaping the overall business landscape. best practices, how emerging tech trends influenced the way we work, live and play – and the importance for organisations and leaders to ‘think big, start small, and act fast’ to stay competitive.
– Wesley Harjono, Managing Director, GK Plug & Play

Hear leading startups from Indonesia share their disruptive technologies and innovations that may be able to plug the technology needs of corporates and government agencies in Indonesia.

  • ‘Logistics Optimisation’
    Innovating operation to be more effective and efficient. In the last 5 years, the supply chain in Indonesia is highly impacted by the boom of the marketplace and last-mile delivery. Logistics as the backbone of the product distribution needs to be more. In this presentation, Alexander will share how innovation in logistics can increase profitability and enhance the operation’s productivity. Logicnesia is currently helping manufacturers and logistics companies in optimising their logistics process from planning, managing and monitoring deliveries under one platform.Logicnesia a logistics solution provider which specialize in optimization, that helps logistics and manufacturing companies to be able to plan, manage, and monitor its logistics operation optimally. – Alexander Danny Sufjan, Founder and CEO Logicnesia
  • ‘The Future of Customer Onboarding in Indonesia and Developing Countries’

    KYCK! Is a B2B company provides KYC (Know Your Customers) products, services and advisory to Indonesian financial institutions, companies and startups. Depending on the requirements of the business, KYCK! deploys in on-premise / in-country servers, can be white-labelled and customisable. Some of the features provided include an intelligent OCR reader, a facial recognition module and verification capabilities.– Darryl Tan, Co-founder, KYCK
  • The New “API Economy” in Southeast Asia
    Top banks, insurers, and conglomerates are building their “API layer” to monetize new data sets, launch new fintech products, and create new business models. Todd will share lessons and trends in the new API Economy, focusing on major use cases and untapped opportunities.

    Brankas is now the leading Open Banking technology provider in Southeast Asia. Our technology empowers banks, fintech partners and users to build and activate real-time and secure APIs for payments, identity, transaction data, and more. Our vision is to make modern financial services available to everyone, by increasing access and encouraging partnerships between financial institutions and fintech partners.

    – Todd Schweitzer, CEO and Founder, Brankas
This session will discuss why fostering innovation culture and driving business agility should be integral parts of the organisations’ digital agenda to grow the digital economy.
– Hansen Setiady, Head of IT, Asuransi Ciputra Indonesia
– Bruce Hanadi, General Manager, IT, TNT Skypak International (FedEx Express)
– Michael Henry, Global Head of Digital Experience Technology, BHP
– Fetra Syahbana, Country Head, F5 Indonesia
Moderated by Low Aik Lim,  Director, International Relations, CIO Academy Asia



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