CIOs & Our Community

The mission of CIO Care (a non-profit pillar of CIO Academy Asia) is to enable Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWOs) in South East Asia achieve their business goals and serve their beneficiaries in a better way. CIO Care is helmed by a board of senior technology leaders across diverse sectors, contributing their expertise in various aspects of information technology.

Engaging with youth communities across South East Asia, CIO Care offers learning opportunities for youths to gain deeper understanding in technology and provide technology support to CIOs in various IT projects for VWOs.

CIO Care is the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) arm of CIO Academy Asia. Our pioneer partner, NetApp, supported many initiatives in 2016. The first pilot engaged 40 University undergraduates for a one-day technology awareness workshop across different faculties for an introduction course in basic web development, design and strategies in e-commerce.

CIO Care embarked on it’s first IT advisory project with Mercy Relief Singapore. Spearheaded by Ken Yeo (CIO, Hermès Asia), CIO Care has provided pro bono consultancy services and infrastructure tools to improve the IT capabilities of Mercy Relief.

The team at CIO Care is committed to be an effective platform for technology partners, like NetApp, to make a difference to various youth community groups, social enterprises and voluntary welfare organisations across the region. CIO Care aims to build a sustainable, mutually empowering ecosystem that benefits society.

Empowering Lives


Everyone grows with CIO Care. Youths are given ample learning space as they receive training and provide technology support to CIOs, while voluntary welfare organisations receive quality consulting from accredited ICT practitioners.

Enabling Technology


Helping Voluntary Welfare Organisations embark on
digital transformation to achieve strategic business goals to serve society better.

Pilot Youth Workshop


CIO Care embarked on an IT advisory project with Mercy relief.

Based in Singapore, Mercy Relief is the second largest disaster relief charity organisation after Red Cross. With the support of Ken Yeo (CIO, Hermès Asia), we offered pro-bono consultancy services and procured infrastructure tools to improve the IT capabilities of Mercy Relief.

Pilot Youth Workshop

Our first pilot engaged 40 young students, as we ran a one day technology awareness workshop. This workshop gave students from across different faculties an introduction to basic web development in HTML and CSS, as well as a crash course on common industry design tools.

This workshop not only exposes youths to the basics of engaging customers in the digital space but also imparts knowledge on the basic tools in building a technology engine to increase business value both for companies and non-profit organisations.


A Focused Collective of Senior Technologists

Formed by senior technologists from across diversified industries and sectors, the CIO Care board of advisors offer rich industry experiences and opportunities that appeal to the different interests of the youth community. Our board of advisors contribute to this initiative on a voluntary basis, each offering different ideas and perspectives on how best to prepare the next generation for the digital future. This board is envisaged to be an open community of thought leaders not just from end-user organisations, but also from global leading solutions partners. The diversity of expert practitioners is imperative to incubating the best ideas and talent.


If you are keen to explore opportunities to help the community at CIO Care,
drop us a note and we will respond to you shortly.

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