5G and the Future of Banking


Episode 5: 5G and the Future of Banking

With 5G data transfer speeds, the possibilities for hyper-personalized experiences that merge detailed customer data with real-time analytics are practically endless. Find out how IBM can co-create solutions leveraging 5G, together with IoT, Cloud & AI, to anticipate customer’s needs with the ability to respond in real-time, in this episode of #TechThursday!

Episode 6: 5G and the Future of Banking – Continue

Explore how 5G makes possible for the banking and financial services industry to respond quickly to ATM security threats by leveraging real-time video feed analysis with integrated AI image recognition software, making ATM banking safer and better protect sensitive data in this episode of #TechThursday! Schedule a 20-minute chat with the experts to discover how to start your 5G journey: https://bit.ly/TechThursday05


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