Experiencing “Digital First” at Ground Zero

As past participants of CIO Academy Asia’s annual ConnectGov Leaders’ Summits have now come to expect, the 3rd edition will be no less ambitious in the verve and vigour of programming and activities in store.  From the curated discussion topics and calibre of speakers to the tenor of planned interactions and engagements with our Estonian hosts, participants will be in for a full-on, bracing experience.

Our 2018 Summit will take place in Estonia – the putative ground zero for the original “digital first” approach to nation building. Estonia leads the world in declaring the Internet as a social right and in embracing digitalisation in ways that are already showing profound possibilities for their citizens, enterprises and government.  Since independence in 1991, the country has gone from being an impoverished member of the Soviet Union to one of the most technically advanced countries in the world with 88% high-speed broadband penetration and 99% of government services accessible online.

Against this backdrop, the Summit programme will encompass intensive discussions and sessions on topics framed by our 2018 theme E=Mbracing Cognitive Capabilities and how they relate to key digitalisation considerations in Estonia and other countries represented by participants.   Sessions will dive into considerations of next-generation whole government approaches, question common perspectives on AI, what it means for organisations and governments to be cognitively driven, the implications for capability development, and strategies for navigating the new risks and uncertainties that will arise, rounded-off by participant-led roundtables.   Day two will see following discussions on leadership and strategic priorities, with a highlight featuring influential representatives from the Estonian government and ICT private sector.

Beyond the intensive two-day conference however, participants can also expect a first-hand experience of Estonian innovations.  The formal programme will be followed by site visits on Day two to organisations including the e-Estonia showroom, where participants will get to experience the hospitality of our Estonian hosts and also meet with organisation leaders, start-up founders and instigators behind some of Estonia’s distinctive digital initiatives.

CIO Academy Asia is delighted to acknowledge the role and dedicated support of our Estonian hosts and event partners in presenting the 2018 Leaders Summit programme and activities.  We look forward to bringing our participants on an unforgettable learning and experiential journey – see you there!