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Local hero Schooling at Rio and the Tech Buzz

It’s truly an exciting time for sports and tech! For the first time at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio, VR technology was introduced and NBC Universal, which holds the broadcast rights for the United States, worked together with the Olympic Broadcast Services (OBS) to provide viewers with the opportunity to “attend” the various events in [...]

SG’s 4-decade Tech runway will propel our Smart Nation initiative! (Part 2)

Photo (above): Rama as a consultant with the local industry development team in Bhutan. As planned, this is the second installment of my article tilted ‘From intelligence to smartness’. It's nice to gloat about Sg’s past tech achievements but lets not get too trapped and carried away with our 20/20 hind sight. Our previous four decades [...]

SG’s 4-decade Tech runway will propel our Smart Nation initiative! (Part 1)

From intelligence to smartness! Photo (above): Early days of our Smart Nation journey – Sg Tech leaders with our PM during a visit to Hungary in 2007 “Before you discuss your future, remember how we got here – the past.” Founding PM,LKY, in his opening address at NTUC seminar, Nov 16, 1969 Part 1 My 3 decades [...]

Apps, Drones, Robots and Big Data – Leveraging new technologies to build Smart Cities

At the ConnectGov 2016 summit, held in Thimpu, Bhutan on 25-26 July, a powerful panel of experts and CIOs discussed ways to increase the value of ICT for smart cities in the Asia Pacific region. The participants of the “Increasing the value of ICT for Smart Cities” panel included Asam Khan (COO, Exponent Technology Services), Dr. Suhazimah [...]