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Building a community of technology leaders who bring innovation and transformation across Asia.

Empowering CIOs with new knowledge, new insights, to be technology thought leaders in organisations and businesses.

Working with CIOs to help societies and communities across Asia benefit from the innovative use of technology.

“ To succeed, we must support and learn from one another. To that end, this book is an excellent resource for CIOs and ICT professionals. It captures personal reflections and insights from over 50 experts who have sat in the hot seat.”

Gabriel Lim
Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Communications & Information
Inspire Beyond SG50 Book Launch 3rd Nov 2016

“It was a well-organised conference with a lot of learning and camaraderie. Congrats on a successful event.”

Jacqueline Poh, CEO, GovTech Singapore
ConnectGov, Bhutan, 25 July 2016




“I had a great time! It’s great meeting all of you and I must say that the Logistics and coordination is world class! Kudos to CIOAA team for pulling off such a class Act.”

Robert Yap, Executive Chairman, YCH Group
ConnectGov, Bhutan, 25 July 2016

CIO Academy Asia’s compendium of CIO perspectives drawn from leaders in both public and private organizations is a timely contribution to this evolving role. The framing of the CIOs role in the context of values, and emotional intelligence in addition to issues of strategy and implementation is extremely valid.”


Jordan Schwartz , Director, Infrastructure & Urban Development Hub, The World Bank, Singapore
Inspire Beyond SG50 Book Launch, 3rd Nov 2016








Mike Gregoire, CEO, CA Technologies
Distinguished CEO Series, 27th Apr 2016






Mark McLaughlin, CEO, Palo Alto Networks
Distinguished CEO Series, 6th Jan 2016









Paulo Rosado, CEO, OutSystems
Distinguished CEO series, 14th Nov 2016






Lanny Cohen, Global Chief Technology Officer, CapGemini
Inspire Beyond SG50 Book Launch, 3rd Nov 2016




Jeff Hussey, President & CEO,  Tempered Networks
(Former Founder, F5)
Distinguished CEO Series, 16th Feb 2016